Hannah Dismer is a certified sexuality educator, social worker (currently under supervision for their illinois license), and feminist who works to create positive social change.

Education: Dismer earned their bachelor’s degrees in Women & Gender Studies and Sociology in 2016 from the University of Missouri. They attended graduate school for two and a half years, earning their Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health. While in graduate school, they earned a certificate in Violence & Injury Prevention with specific focus on violence against women.

Certifications: Dismer is a Certified Sexuality Educator through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

Career: They have worked in relationship and sexual violence prevention, sexual health education, clinical research, reproductive and sexual healthcare (including contraceptive and abortion care). Dismer envisions a world free from sexual stigma, and with free access to quality healthcare.

Interests: Sexuality, feminism, reproductive justice, social justice, sociological theory, menstrual equity. therapy, trauma, mental health, human resilience, and storytelling,

Hobbies: Dungeons & Dragons, tabletop gaming, painting, drawing, writing, make-up, and playing ukulele.